What can I do if someone is insulting or harrassing me?

Unfortunately, there are undesirable people that only annoy and insult the others. The people that behave that way are usually cowards and they hide behind the anonymity Internet offers.

Never respond to provocations...

Consider that if you react to insults you lower yourself to the same standard as the other person (what that person really wants) and besides, you can be penalized. ¡Do not feed the trolls!

If another person insults you or bothers you, the best option is to add him/her to your black listand ignore him/her completely. If you add someone to that list, he/she cannot send messages to you or chat with you.

You can also report a player so that a moderator reviews the contents of the chat.

You can also:

  • Give him/her a negative vote(you can do it on his/her player profile). That will affect his/her reputation..
  • Create private tables and play exclusively with the users you invite to play.
  • Check your configuration and select the privacy settings you think convenient.

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